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Parents at Sagamore Hills Elementary School are the first to use Parents (especially those interested in Sagamore's online efforts), but parents from any school may use these resources.

Welcome to Parents—helping you help your children. Imagine a place where:

  • Answers are easily found
  • Wisdom is shared beyond your immediate circles
  • Coordination is possible amongst classroom parents and teacher
"I just tried editing the webpage. It is so easy. Thank you very much for the great effort." Guang

Parents is:

This Website (Wiki)
Look familiar? Yes, this site is powered by the same software as Wikipedia (MediaWiki) and works in a similar way. Anyone (including you) make changes (there are none too small) to improve what you see here.
Discussion Groups (Email Lists)
For example, parents of Sagamore Hills Elementary School have discussion lists to facilitate parent‑to‑parent communication.

Visit the Community Portal for more.

This effort was begun by Dave Barker in September 2012.