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This project is whatever you want to make it. Here are some places to start.


Get a feel for what's on this site. Find something that interests you, and dig in!

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See too the "Special pages" in the "Toolbox" menu page left.


To see what pages are being updated, you can:

  • View or subscribe to all of the latest site changes (via Recent changes in the left Navigation menu)
  • Receive email upon changes to pages in your Watchlist, by selecting E-mail me when a page or file on my watchlist is changed in the User profile section of your preferences


  • Is "Parents" a good name for this website/project?
  • Make a Project:Logo
  • Make a nice Main Page, see, "Stunning MediaWiki skin design" for inspiration
  • Think about how to organizing this website (categories, nav boxes, etc.)
  • Beautify (or at least customize) the mailing list
  • Fix "Error creating thumbnail: Invalid thumbnail parameters" on larger images (example)


See the notes on addressing spam.