Sagamore Science Night

Science Night at Sagamore Hills Elementary School happens annually in February and began in 2011. It is a hands-on, science experience with demonstrations & activities for the whole family to enjoy!

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From Sally Wright, 2012-01-16:

We'd love to have your help at Science Night. Science Night has been a big hit at Sagamore the last 2 years.

We use parent volunteers all over the school. Some parents have a science background and some do not.

We have lots of ideas for science night but many of our talented parents have ideas of their own that we use. Families move room to room watching short demonstrations of science experiments or tricks.

Here are some of the stations we had last year: a hovercraft, the Atlanta Astronomy Club, Anatomy, Human Brain specimens from Emory, a magnet station, a dry ice show, etc. The ideas are endless.

Some parents volunteer to run their own station and use their own ideas. Other parents volunteer at a needed spot.

Do you have any particular interest in a certain area? Would you like to chat by phone so I can describe more to you?

Thanks so much for volunteering!! I love Science Night!



From Andrea Sharma, 2012-12-08:

These organizations have participated in a science nights for other schools so I’m hoping we can get them too. I am including a short description of what they did for Springdale Park Elementary, but their science night ran a little differently than ours.

Truly Living Well[edit]

Amakiasu Ford-Howze, Garden Educator Director, Truly Living Well Summer Camp

Truly Living Well Center for Natural Urban Agriculture is a model for a local sustainable food system. They demonstrate the viability of producing high quality, naturally grown fruits and vegetables in the urban environment. Come find out how their model establishes the transformative power of urban agriculture. Live chickens will be available for viewing and touching, along with information about types of chickens, the egg incubation and hatching process, diet, and usefulness to a farm environment.

Trees Atlanta[edit]

Alex Beasley

Activities related to our urban environment, trees and important pollinators

Compost Wheels[edit]

Leo Cox

Ever wonder what it takes to grow your dinner? Look no further than the food you didn’t eat. You’ll get to sort some (friendly) compostables once we’ve taught you how and then go on the compost journey to real soil! We’ll take you through the stages of live compost; from worms all the way to healthy dirt. Grab your own “dirt bag” on the way out.

Walter Reeves[edit]

We had Walter Reeves come last year and he brought baby chicks and jars of chick embryos, etc. The kids loved it. We could ask him to come again, but the people below may be similar.

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